Laura is a normal teenager: studies, has friends, a good relationship with her family and altered hormones. But suddenly, some information about her is made public on social networks. This will cause her classmates to bully her..


Format: Webserie

Chapters: 5

Genre: Drama

Duration: 28 min

Production year: 2018

Language: Catalan and spanish

Script and direction: Roger Grau and Maria Medinilla

Cast: Paula Jornet, Aleyda Puerto,

Rosalia Omil, Abraham Asensio, Raquel Fresno, Fenda Drame, Martina Roura and Alba Aloy

Producer: Maria Medinilla

Cinematograpy: Cristóbal Franco

Art directions: Mònica Condins

Sound: Albert Guimerà

Makeup and hairdressing: Dúnia Ramos

BSO: Pavvla

Audiovisual production: Young Soul Studios

With Fundació Montblanc and

Atrápalo Social participation


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